Product Placement to lottery visa usa 2019 promote a new real-life Willy Wonka candy bar being released by the Quaker Oats Company (hence the change in the title).
Wonka's Shout-Out to The Importance of Being Earnest as Augustus is stuck in the pipe: "The suspense is terrible!.I hope it will last." Be Careful What You Wish For : Subverted in the final lines.(Of course, this is a subversion; the Oompa-Loompas are friendly, harmless creatures, and are not fairies.Nightmare Fetishist : During the horrific boat ride, Mike Teavee is the only person besides.Idiot Ball : Charlie is portrayed to be nothing but pure and innocent, and placing others before himself the whole movie through, but that all gets temporarily thrown out the window when given the opportunity to try a Fizzy Lifting Drink.I then got back up, took them off, walked back home and played Nintendo.I'm Taking Her Home with Me!Karma Houdini : Every child suffers some immediate karmic punishment when they ignore Wonka's rules, except Charlie who gets away scot free after trying the fizzy lifting drinks, despite Wonka explicitly forbidding.He's not as cruel as some of the other children, and actually tries to help Augustus when he falls into the river.Wonka has his chocolate egg-laying geese work overtime for the upcoming Easter.
What kind of rubbish is that?" Deadpan Snarker : Wonka, being the Trickster he is, oozes this during the tour at every opportunity, cagnotte loto mercredi 3 octobre 2018 and especially when the kids are too busy indulging themselves to listen to his not-even-half-hearted entreaties towards self-preservation.
Captain Obvious : Or in this case, "Mrs.
Salt is quick to call to Wonka's attention.Too Dumb to Live : The bratty kids, especially Violet.Improbably Low IQ : From the Oompa-Loompa song about Mike Teavee: What do you get from a glut of TV?All are tied by the common theme of self-indulgence."Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker" is a" from Ogden Nash about how to get a woman into bed.Snarky Inanimate Object : The supercomputer was designed to zero in on the locations of the remaining golden tickets.Tantrum Throwing / Trash the Set : Veruca's song "I Want It Now" climaxes with her destroying much of the Golden Goose room!His introductory speech for the Inventing Room is in German (Mrs.Funny Background Event : Rather a foreground event.The tunnel scene, full stop.Down the garbage chute.Veruca Salt becomes "Angela Zart Violet Beauregarde becomes "Violetta Wiederkau and Mike Teevee becomes "Mickie Glotze." Dwindling Party : A non-lethal example, as the film progresses the kids get knocked off the trip one by one.If iTunes doesn't open, click the iTunes application icon in your Dock or on your Windows ogress Indicator.Demoted to Extra :.

All I can think after finally eating one  is what the hell have I been waiting this long for?
Charlie passes the final test when he returns the every-lasting gobstopper; as Grandpa Joe threatens to give Slughorn the candy, Charlie realizes he did break the rules.
We All Live in America : It's actually hard to tell if this trope is inverted, subverted, or averted.