Updike, John Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist known for 'The Witches of Eastwick' and his Rabbit series.
Dunham, Madelyn Grandmother of Barack Obama was the cornerstone of her family.
Robinson, Eddie Former Grambling football coach won 408 games during 57-year career.
Ford, Betty Former first lady.Powell, Billy Lynyrd Skynyrd keyboardist played in the band before the 1977 plane crash.Allison, Mose Legendary blues and jazz pianist Allman, Gregg Founding member of the Allman Brothers Band Allsup, Tommy Guitarist avoided Buddy Holly plane crash by losing a coin flip Allyson, June Sweetheart actress of the '40s '50s.Edwards, Dennis Lead singer of The Temptations Edwards, Don Former.S.Marie-Laure Beneston ) : Joanna Percy (épisode 19) Kevin Cahoon mb slot ferrari f430 (V.Howard, Rance Director Ron Howards father was a longtime actor Howe, Colleen Wife of hockey great Gordie Howe and one of the first female sports agents.
Under her breath shes laughing as she says: Our son was more then with me!
Kennedy, Joe Journeyman left-hand pitcher played seven years in the majors.
Avedon, Richard The revolutionary photographer who redefined fashion photography as an art form.
Kirwan, Danny Former Fleetwood Mac guitarist and vocalist Kison, Bruce Former Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher helped the team win two World Series.Greaves, William Emmy Award-winning producer and TV host.Newsom, Tommy Former backup bandleader on 'The Tonight Show'.Soulful singer of "Stand by Me" and other classics.Ford, Frankie New Orleans icon who sang the 1959 hit "Sea Cruise".McCain, Wallace Turned a small New Brunswick french fry plant into a multibillion-dollar frozen foods empire.

Byrd, Donald Leading hard-bop trumpeter of the 1950s.
Ducommun, Rick Actor and comedian known for his role in the film "The 'Burbs".