To complete a task easily, to win effortlessly.
Piss-arse around / about Verb.
Less offensive variation on the 'dog's bollocks'.
A popup window will appear confirming that you have poked the person.Women/woman, viewed as sexual objects.To deceive, to gain an unfair advantage.To give oral sex, but more commonly to fellate.Be sexually passionate, to kiss passionately.Historical Examples of poke I've been casino kemmel openingsuren scared about Dirk ever since; and now he won't go to Poke 's!Also a cruel game of the same name, played by friends on a night out, the object being to seduce the ugliest person.To seduce a desirable person, to sexually attract someone.To force, drive, or stir by or as by pushing or thrusting: He poked the fire.
Piss all over (someone) Vrb phrs.
To thoroughly defeat, or trounce.
First, choose your poking victim.Lies, from the rhyming slang pork-pies.See 'plant one on (someone.Fool, idiot, a despicable person.E.g."He drank so much at his stag party he spent the next 2 days puking." 1600s Noun.

A pun on ' there being a nasty nip in the air '.
Derived from the.e.
Speed or power, usually applied to vehicles.