Fantastic semi-autobiographical graphic novel about a poker nasl oynanr texas holdem young man coming out in 1960s Alabama.
Great fun for absolute beginners but feature-rich enough to be a useful tool for DJs, producers, and other advanced knob-twiddlers.
The face cards are amazing.Masticating Juicer You can't buy a better juicer for 220.Read more Zombie lawn-gnomes feast on a pink flamingo Chris and Jane's Place on Etsy will sell you this delightful tableau for your front yard, in which zombie gnomes are depicted feasting on a felled and mutilated pink flamingo.Should a child be pushed into coming out?" Parents, relatives, teachers, and counselors can all benefit from the book.Read more Grime Writer: detergent-filled graffiti pen Grime Writer is a detergent-filled graffiti marker that cleans away street-filth to leave your message behind.Read more Fables: Werewolves jeu de machine a sous gratuit avec bonus 2014 of the Heartland Fables creator Bill Willingham continues his impossible run of prolific, high-quality, highly varied stories based on the idea that all the fables, myths and stories of the world are secretly true, and that they all live together, hidden.Now I just have one of these and a Dingoo.Read more 3D printed rocket-ship espresso cup Shapeways contributor Isohedral came up with this awesome design for a two ounce stubby rocketship/espresso cup, which is available as a 3D print in ceramic.You do not have to be vegan to enjoy the recipes, or the playful and approachable way they're presented.Fujitsu ScanSnap Mark has previously written about the Fujitsu telecharger governor of poker 2 version complete ScanSnap, a high-accuracy, high-speed device that's perfect for scanning receipts and bills.Read more Humiliating giant head squirrel feeder If you've decided to surrender to the squirrels that raid your bird-feeder and just set out squirrel chow instead, why not use one of Archie McPhee's humiliating giant-head-squirrel-feeders, which allow you to chuckle at your pests even.
The device can also be used to make nut butters, pasta, and can be used to mash ingredients for baby food or in ingredient prep.
The Best Science Writing Online 2012 An anthology of fantastic science reporting from across the blogosphere.
The set includes an ashtray, naturally.
These batteries come pre-charged, last for 1500 charges and are cheap enough that you can replace someone's whole supply in one.
Read more, glorantha, old RPG that was eclipsed by.
Chrome Metropolis bike messenger bag A most excellent travel bag, which handily carries up to 40 pounds of stuff, and can easily accommodate a large laptop.
Nike's comes as a fancy wristwatch, Fitbit's as a wee pebble that fits in the supplied clip, a purse or picket.The Science of Good Cooking (Cook's Illustrated Cookbooks) Why does no one eat your cooking?Love and imagination went into everything here.Lucky unicorn skull necklace I love Susan Elnora's work - it's a like a natural history museum had a baby with a jewelry store.Non-stick coatings and aluminum may or may not pose health risks, I don't know.