The reporter was under the gun for that article on taxes.
See also: gun under the gun (about something) Go to grand cafe casino lausanne under pressure.
Under the Gun : Developing Into a Winning Poker Player.Unless they also have a very strong holding, they are almost certain to fold their hands., uTG1 refers to the player who gagnant loto quebec groupe valcourt is to the immediate left of the UTG player, while UTG2 refers to the player who is two seats to the left.Under the Gun uTG ) odnosi się do pozycji bezpośrednio na lewo od blindów.What is the definition of the term "under the gun"?He loto online usa was under the gun to finish the project quickly.Under the gun, in a stressful situation that requires quick action, often to meet a deadline; under pressure.As mentioned, the UTG player is first to act in the first round of betting, which means that every single one of the other players at the table will act after them.What happens if a player in late position raises you?English edit, etymology edit, this entry lacks etymological information.Now, given your position, a hand like pocket Sixes is pretty tough to play.
( obsolete, military ) Too close to be subject to artillery fire.
The small blind will act first, followed by the big blind, who will then be followed by the "under the gun" player.
Society, in many ways, is under the gun.
Do you just call?
North American informal, see also: gun under the gun (.Im under the gun to come up with new clients or else.See also: gun under the gun mod.This is the player who is seated to the immediate left of the two blinds (small blind and big blind).If you are UTG and raise, the other players at the table will almost certainly believe that you have a monster such as AA.Synonyms edit, retrieved from " ".

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Judging by the severity of this man's injuries, we're really under the gun here.
Spokrewnione tematy : button, cutoff, dealer synonimy: UTG.