poke through electrical floor outlet

This product is called a poke-through electrical floor box as shown in the photo above (photo shows a Carlon model E971fbdi).
Interior walls (ones that don't face outside on either side) are best because they are less likely to have insulation.
Can I Replace the Existing Outlet With a Bigger One?Mounting screws, wire nuts.Yes, you can "daisy chain" more new outlets using the old plug-in as a source.OK, so you need an outlet for a lamp behind a sofa in the middle of your Great Room.The screws on the right need the black wires.It is much easier to get new wire through an empty wall than one filled with insulation.You should be fine for small electronics (lights, TVs, DVD players and such but If you have major appliances (electric heaters, vacuums, washers and dryers, etc.) the breaker won't hold.Whether you are looking for floor boxes for the home or office, or a fashionable way to install a counter top receptacle, Lew Electrics innovative and versatile selection of floor boxes are designed to make the use of power and communications convenient and attractive.Carlon's product is handy because it comes with everything you need for a complete in-floor installation.Plugging too many high-powered devices tribal casinos in washington state onto one circuit will blow the breaker.
It will be more difficult to cut two nails with a simple hacksaw blade rather than with a brand new cordless sawzall, but it's also lots cheaper.
The difference in termination screw color: The screws shown on the left will get the white wire(s with the ground wire going to the screw near the bottom of the photo.
The "test" and "reset" buttons are visible in the center.
Checking an outlet to see if it is "hot" with a non-contact voltage detector.
Wired electrical receptacle, two-hole low voltage plate, blank plate.
Our floor boxes are stocked throughout the United States through electrical distributors.Proudly serving the American industry since 1901. .Kit Components: Floor box, brass cover, hole saw to cut the hole in the floor.What If I Want to Add More Than One New Outlet?Gfci Outlets Can Be Added, the back of the gfci outlet, showing the factory-applied tape over the "load" terminals.Which Wall Is Best for a New Outlet?If you have questions, please contact your local Lew Electric Floor Box rep or call us direct at (630) 665-2075.Single gang box (left two-gang box (right).Visible difference between a 15-amp (gray, on left) and a 20-amp outlet (white, on right note the slot shape circled in red.It's been used in commercial office construction for decades.We offer the largest selection of covers for our floor boxes to match and compliment any decor.Some of these tools are nice to have and use, but are not absolutely necessary and it doesn't always make sense to spend 50 for a new tool to save ten minutes of work (unless, of course, that is the only way to get that.Running an electrical cord on the floor covered by duct tape to the wall plug is one answer, but a pretty bad one.

While you're at it, the old source box could be replaced with a new larger one if you cut a larger hole in the wall.
Front view of a 20-amp gfci outlet.