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The photo which has been located showing the Concord Navy Airfield remaining intact was an undated aerial view looking west from a circa 1950s real estate brochure (courtesy of Kevin Walsh).
It depicted Benicia Airport as gagnant lotto max du 22 septembre 2017 having a single unpaved northwest/southeast runway, with a few small buildings along the east side.The all new 180-degree lie-flat seats use an innovative seat platform to fold into 76-inch beds, maximizing living space for travelers (including my 61 frame).A March 1946 photo by Fred Dickey (courtesy of William Larkins) of a Curtiss SC-1 operating with sosu-3 approaching NAS Alameda's seaplane ramp.A 1939 aerial view looking southeast showed Martinez Airport to have a single east/w est runway with a few small buildings on the west side.The airport, people planes made an indelible impression.
Benicia Airport / Benicia Air Harbor, Benicia,.075, -122.19 (Northeast of Oakland, CA) Benicia Airport, as depicted on the 1948 San Francisco Local Aeronautical Chart (courtesy of Tim Zukas).
In 1945, NAS Alameda had the following outlying fields (according to John Voss) : nolf Half Moon Bay, nolf Concord, OLF San Luis Obispo, nolf Clear Lake (seaplane only OLF Tulare Lake (seaplane only and OLF Paso Robles.
According to the Contra Costa County website, On 10/8/94 the new Byron Airport was dedicated.
The original Concord Airport was no longer listed at all in the 1934 Department of Commerce loto des lapins Airport Directory (according to Chris Kennedy), or in The Airport Directory Company's 1937 Airport Directory (courtesy of Bob Rambo).
One of the members was Bud.A 1936 airport directory described San Francisco Bay Airdrome as having 4 runways, with the longest being a 3,600' crushed shell northeast/southwest runway.Knights Airport may have been closed for a few years during WW2 (due to wartime security concerns gas rationing, as was the case at many other small civilian airports during the war as it was not depicted on the 1943 Sacramento Sectional Chart (according.By the time of the 1946 Sectional Chart (courtesy of Dann Shively), the Concord Navy Airfield was still depicted, but its depiction on the chart had been downgraded to that of an auxiliary airfield.An American flag is flying on the roof, and per a sign up on the fence, this building is now used by Rosenblum Cellars.The 1955 CA Highways map (courtesy of Kevin Walsh) labeled the field as Benicia Air Harbor.