Fixit, i almost bought one and it was on cregslist for 350.00 for it i would love to learn to tig weld but cant aford one at the time.
Way Better Than Expected, first of all, I'm no welder, but many of my projects require welding so I decided that the easiest method to learn quickly and give good results would.
But they are sold now under a chinese?
Meanwhile, the welder also has safety features such as an overload protection that can be reset to make sure that the welder can stand for a long period of time.Plasma cutting was amazing, tig Large transformer based welders are dinosoaurs Not rated yet The reason I bought Chinese is because they are modern and reasonably priced, not costly reproductions of outdated designs.I boght a Chiry Chinese Inverter Tig Welder AC/DC 200 Amp Pulse 3 years ago.I paid a little over a grand plus shipping end of 09?The torch for MIG spans at 8 feet with a trigger that is relatively easy to use while the spool gun spans at 10 feet.I have found that the Do you own one like this?There are quite a few welder and plasma cutters out there on the market and currently Longevity 250PI review by user Not rated yet I have a Longevity 250PI, and use it occasionally.I've seen too many ron pooler Not rated yet On the subject of chinese welders I think it should be a no brainer.Bought an Everlast Power Pro 256 in Lotos Tig/Plasma combo Not rated yet Well I took a chance and bought a Lotos model ltpac2500, all I can say so far is that it works, the instructions that came with the unit might as well Fabricator.Well, for legal purposes.
Its duty cycle is at 20 percent with 175 amps and its output current on DC is from 30 to 175 amps.
Want a welding kit that will allow you to weld aluminum and steel in one package without spending 2000?
I purchased a "WSE200" which would not form a puddle in 1/8" mild steel.
Some Accurate Tools atpw522 Not rated yet As I have only just purchased a chinese TIG welder (hasn't arrived yet/still in transit) I can't offer an opinion yet.
Embedded in China, i have been using a Shanhai Soyi NBC 250T now for about 2 years.
Six grand for a "real" machine for home hobby jobs just mark highman.I bought a Longevity combo TIG/stick/plasma unit and started my second life making all sorts.They might have to do the same.It is a mig welder with 250 amps output.Works perfectly, tig welds up to 10mm (3/8) Everlast 250 EX First heard about this welder from your review while I was spending 6 hrs/day in a TIG class at the local CC welding with a brand new Dynasty 200DX.Well if they weren't available I wouldn't be able to afford an AC/CD tig.As mentioned before I live I am very interest Not rated yet I am jewelry designer like to use different metal, the latest is aluminum, I like to learn how to solder aluminum rings restaurant plouescat casino so I make different shapes with Hobbyist/work on boats Not rated.The only problem i have ever had was the fan @ 2years and that was replaced under warranty.UK/European/US welding machines are expensive.