Appendix B of PUB-3000, Chapter.
8, basic LO/TO Requirements (contd lock Out and Tag Out should both be poker course mit used, never use a tag alone Test the equipment to ensure roulette holland casino tipps zero energy state A six hole hasp shall be installed at the equipments primary isolation point The primary isolation point.Definition of Isolator, circuit breaker always trip the circuit but open contacts of breaker cannot be visible physically from outside of the breaker, and that is why it is recommended not to touch any electrical circuit just by slot machine anni 60 switching off the circuit breaker.A complete live closed circuit must not be opened by isolator operation, and also a live circuit must not be closed and completed by isolator operation to avoid huge arcing in between isolator contacts.Line side isolator the isolator is situated at line side of any feeder.Tag must securely fastened to prevent accidental removal using a sufficiently strong self-locking, non-reusable tie wrap.Isolators are used to open a circuit under no load.The rotational movement of male contact causes to come itself into female contacts and isolators becomes closed.
Let's discuss constructional features of Double Break Isolators.
The contact arm is divided into two parts one carries male contact and other carries female contact.
Note: The removal of a valve handle/electrical fuse, etc.Hydrocarbons/petrol, steam) note: LO/TO applies to more than just electrical circuits!The isolator is a mechanical switch which isolates a part of the circuit from the system as when required.This motorized form of this type of isolators is generally used, but an emergency hand driven mechanism is also provided.Operational loto locks keys are to be kept under the control of the responsible Operator for that shift.Transfer bus side isolator the isolator is directly connected with transfer bus.However, they must be reviewed and approved by a loto Approver with suitable competency in the equipment or systems for which the loto procedure is written.Storage vessels or pipelines containing toxic/hazardous chemicals and hydrocarbon/petrol products) Thermal (e.g.For voltages up to 145 KV system hand operated isolators are used whereas for higher voltage systems like 245 KV or 420 KV and above motorized isolators are used.