(non-magnetic 29mm, Manhattan, A630BDv1,.
Sweden, grand sac de sport avec roulettes transit token, ND (1890-1918) stockholms angslups aktiebolag ÖRE 3 ÖRE / pasagerare-polett.
bus R, good FOR ONE fare, 2 arc cutouts, brass, 16mm, A40J spot,.
Canton, ohio / good FOR 5 IN trade, aluminum, 23mm, small flaw, edge bump,.Vietnam, US military, CAM ranh BAY 5 / airman'S club 5, brass, 21mm, C-VN640a spots,.Vietnam, US military, OOM usar-V 5, italic 5 / same, brass, 21mm, C-VN5470a spots,.USA, NEW york, Hard Times token, 1 cent ND (1837) building, merchants exchange / NEW york joint stock exchange company No 6 tontine building wall ST, copper, 28mm, R-HT294, aG/poor.USA, south carolina, prison token, ND (1960s) south carolina state prison 10 / 10, light yellow plastic, 23mm,.TAN SON nhut 10, S in diamond / same, brass, 18mm, C-VN5200b spots,.
2, cutouts form "W copper-nickel, 16mm, A500C.
Sommaire, la roulette fait son apparition.
1868, yong XIN MEI (eternal true beauty) / XIN (?) course en ligne casino bourg en bresse qian (value scroll shape, blue on white porcelain, 19x20mm,.
USA, florida, transit token, ND (1982) county seal, citrus county florida / human services transportation value 50, black / red on wood, 28mm, Inverness, A375B Unc.
Texas / good FOR 1oo IN trade, hexagonal, aluminum, 31mm, C-TX1040c.
Habituellement, plusieurs croupiers assis effectuent les opérations les 13 regles d'or pour gagner au loto avec des râteaux.fare check, letters.6mm tall, bell-shaped cutout, copper plated brass, 16mm, Allentown, A15Gv2.USA, north dakota, military, gfafb NCO open mess 1oo, "1" 7mm tall / same, aluminum, 35mm, C-ND50L scratch, edge nick,.Styrelsebeslut, letters.6mm tall, center hole, brass,.5mm, ferry fare for adult, A240FI spots,.USA, iowa, token,.L.Common additional colors are pink, purple, yellow, orange, and grey.USA, vermont, transit token, ND (1984) THE BUS, marble valley regional transit district / good FOR ONE child fare city fixed route only!South dakota / good FOR 1oo IN trade, brass, 34mm, C-SD70e spots,.25, S in diamond / 101ST, nickel plated brass, 24mm, C-VN3510b.Vietnam, US military, FLY navy in triangle / commissioned officer'S mess open NAF CAM ranh BAY 5, nickel plated brass, 21mm, C-VN680a.USA, virginia, scrip, 1948 blue diamond coal.

USA, pennsylvania, medallet, 1897 bust Washington R, / monument, washington monument phila.
good FOR ONE fare, L-shaped cutout, copper-nickel, 16mm, A565C.
Styrelsebeslut, gear-like edge with 6 teeth, center hole, brass, 22mm, ferry fare for child, A240FP Unc.