I don't wanna make sound, so save a smile, sail into the stars.
Maybe you poker good for brain are the one, who can see the good.
I'm gonna pray, gonna pray you're forever, by my side.So save a smile, sail into the sun, free yourself.Sweet bird, sweet bird, i know, I know.Preying on the weakest mind, i know, I know golden silver, i know, I know I will treasure you inside.I don't wanna lay them down, do you wanna help me cry.
So save a smile, sail into the stars.
In a world where, the deeds of the evil feed inside.
And free yourself, baby it's time to fly, sweet bird.
Sweet bird, maybe I don't agree there's a reason.Baby, have you found, if you turn back time, would you take a flower that fell.Now it's time to fly, sweet bird.What I can't see, don't run away, run away when you wake.Maybe I'm not the one with a reason.

I was afraid of taking a walk into the darkest night again Im gonna go learn how to feel life, live life again.
Birt has more plans than to just react to this band.
Slot, machine - Sweet Bird.