Choose your spots, use a play slip and choose how many "spots" (numbers) you want to play per game. .
And resume at 7:46.m.The numbers you pick must be equal in loto et jeux number to the number of spots you selected to play. .Example: If you selected "4 spots" in section 1 of the play slip, select 4 numbers in section.Keno winning numbers are usually available shortly after the draw in-store or via the Lott website.Also always pick the same numbers each time you play.You must pick at least one but no more than 10 "spots".Choose from two numbers (2 pick) up to 10 numbers (10 pick).
Remember : If you chose to purchase a Quick Pick, you must tell the retailer how many numbers you want for each game, how much you want to spend per game, and how many games you want to play.
Daily Keno players pick a strategy from a two-pick to a 10-pick and place a bet, ranging from 1,. .
See our, results Services page for more information on how to get your results.
How To Win, every night 20 numbers are drawn from the field.
Over the long run, you will stand a better chance of coming out ahead with this type of strategy.
Its neither wise nor smart to spend money meant for bills, and other important things, than on playing lotto.
While that may make it sound like you only need to match half of the numbers the odds of being able to do this are 1 in over 2 million.In.21 Overall Odds For 3-Spot Game 1.55 * Multiply 1 payout times dollars played to determine payouts for other dollar amounts.Pick how many draws you would like to play, from 1 to 10 draws.For more detailed how-to-play information, contact the Lottery at, Monday-Friday, 8:00.m.It is easier to try to choose 5 numbers out of 20 then 8 to 10 numbers out.These players choose numbers that did not show up in their previous games.4-Spot gagnants loto temoignages Game Match Prize for 1 Bet Prize for 5 Bet* Odds will get a new ticket, for the same number of games with the same numbers and wager amount.2-Spot Game Match Prize for 1 Bet Prize for 5 Bet* Odds.6 Overall Odds For 2-Spot Game 1.6 * Multiply 1 payout times dollars played to determine payouts for other dollar amounts.Find a long shot number, every Keno Lottery Ontario game chooses over 25 of the possible numbers.You can purchase your Keno or Keno Coin Toss entry in-store.How Much to Bet, daily Keno- Play from a 2 Pick to a 10 Pick.The Retailer will give you your keno ticket. .

The majority of players select their own numbers rather than using Quick Pick.
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