craps gambling systems

If the Field numbers are coming in, continue to play the field after removing your place bets.
On your first hit, you bring everything down to 1 unit each, leaving 16 on the board.Playing all bets on, during come out and if during the roll one of your numbers hits, move to another due number next in line maintaining 3 numbers played at all times.This covers you when you're most vulnerable to the 7 in #1 in #2, you're hedging against the 7, while hoping to land an inside point.The 10,6,8 in that order are the top of the column picks.Think I am crazy.Note: you will stay with that number for the cycle. .Of course like any betting system, this is much more effective if you're also using money management.(only when u win) Just get the 5's ready ahead and put the winnings on the back rack. [email protected] Betting by Point number I just came back from Vegas in which I won about 2,200. .Craps: A Winning Strategy (brief) The strategy in a nut shell is as follows:. .Watching in this setting pays more than anyplace else, wait more and surely get that Hot roll for a kill.
I don't by any means claim this system to be mine but I named it 2410 because you want 2 hits on the four.
Malcolm iDoc's Big Umbrella This is a variation comment gagner des trophées snap of the Umbrella system or a modified inside progression. .
I generally don't like Place bets, as they are not as exciting as working free odds on a table.You may wish to take a marker pen and color in the triangle so it is easy to see.If the 6 or 8 is hit, take down the 5 and.I bet on what I call either down-town, 4,5 6, or uptown 8,9.An emphasis on the system is that one must have patience and discipline.As soon as a point is established I take odds and the six and eight.( 1st) bet Place 5 on # 10 (OR) # 4 your choice or ( like above shows good as any other way ) First hit pays.Feel free to extrapolate this method in any way, but the foundation should remain the same: 24 each on the 6 8 for one hit, then down to 12 each. .Kanzen or use the "Call me!" button above.I tried that twice (while on the system above) and luckily I hit on the 5th roll for 109 and the 22nd roll for. .15 on the 5, 15 on the 9, and 18 on the 6, and 18 on the.I continue to press the numbers by one unit on a win and add the 4 10 for 5 each somewhere along the line.I only hop them once or twice to get the Army March rolling.