Rooms include an exquisitely decorated entrance hall which was unfortunately in almost complete darkness making it very difficult to photograph, and a huge double staircase sweeps upstairs.
Amazing place to sit.You can find them below.Palace Casino, Italy The altar in the stunning chapel.View from the balcony.A similar building has been constructed in Monte Carlo, Monaco, because of competition.
We talked to one of the guards the night before our appointment and he felt sad and angry because authorities seem to simply not care about renovation of the building.
Dressing rooms on stage.
It lotto 649 results oct 11 2017 is located at the coast of the Black Sea and is the largest city of the region.
Once this was the most glorious building of Romania but since 1990 its been abandoned and slowly but surely falling apart.
The chapel features painted murals on all the walls and ceilings.
I did not expect the place to be in this bad shape at all.
The iconic building survived two World Wars.Many wealthy travelers enjoyed their time playing games and dancing in the symbol of the city.Decay disrepair epoque, exploring, forgotten historic indoor interior monument port romania, urban, urbex Share: April 14, 2016.The grandly named building was actually neither a palace nor a casino, however to look at you could easily imagine it as either.I usually dont share location specific information regarding the whereabouts of the building Ive visited, but this is such a well known historical place that Ive made an exception.View at the Black Sea.The casino is a 24/7 well guarded place and entering is nearly impossible without legal permission. .Palace Casino is huge abandoned house in Italy.The city still offers some of the best restaurants of the country nowadays.Even though its guarded, the indecisive attitude of authorities causes the casino to fall in disrepair.The building is now listed as a historic monument by the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs of Romania.